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  • The Wellington Film Society, 6.15pm Monday 3 November at the Paramount: PRIVILEGE (Peter Watkins, UK 1967).
    Set in England as a coalition government assumes control 'sometime in the near future', this satirises swinging Britain, the rock world and their co-option by the Establishment. Starring pop idol Paul Jones and Sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton as the girl who tries to help him flout the system, the film is a scathing social satire of the British state and the freedoms of youth culture in the face of rising totalitarianism. - Tate Modern.. An over-the-top vision of the future that was panned, shunned, and shelved for several decades. It must have been odd for Watkins to watch, as during this period his vision came closer and closer to reality. - Greg Bennett, At The Movies.
    Film Society members only. Memberships available before the screening.

  • Nga Taonga Sound and Vision. In the Mediatheatre on Thursday and Friday, George Lowe's THE CONQUEST OF EVEREST (UK 1953). For more details, check out the calender of screenings and events.

  • INTERSTELLAR opens on 6 November. Director Christopher Nolan has led the charge to have advance screenings at those cinemas that can still screen from film. You can read the story here. It is not clear yet if that advance rule will apply in New Zealand, but the Paramount can still screen 35mm prints and will present exclusive 35mm screenings in the city. The only way to see the glorious and rich images is on film.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • SHOW ME SHORTS 2014, Paramount 13-14 November. You can find a link to a .pdf of the programme on their website.
  • If your festival is not listed here, please advise the Cinemaster

    This site relies on the various cinemas having their own websites up to date to access their screening times.
    The paragraphs describing the films starting this week are in most cases adapted from the linked reviews.

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    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    DECODING ANNIE PARKER - The tragic story of a Canadian high school graduate who buried her mother and her sister, who knew her grandmother died from breast cancer, and couldn't get doctors to admit that yeah, maybe she inherited the disease. The film tells Annie Parker's story with heart and wit, and finds a few funny insights into the stubborn, brusque woman, Dr. Mary-Claire King, whose lonely quest to find proof would bear fruit. An uplifting story, a generic medical drama that doesn't transcend its TV movie "disease of the week" origins. But it does remember this history with wit, charm and heart. Also Penthouse and Shoreline.

    HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS - With his character here, Simon Pegg has created someone much more nuanced and layered that anything we've seen from him previously. What we are left with is an ultimately uplifting fable that makes an intelligent examination into the meaning of life. This movie is really a journey on a number of levels. As Hector travels the globe in search of that elusive quality of happiness, he also is going on a personal journey of discovery on a deeper level. This film is a winner. It will not only entertain you, but also make you think about what it takes to bring happiness into your own life. Also Roxy, Lighthouse and Coastlands.

    THE BEST OF ME - The particulars, for what it's worth, are that teen sweethearts Dawson (initially Luke Bracey, who looks craggier than the James Marsden he grows up into) and Amanda (Liana Liberato/Michalle Monaghan) are reunited after two decades by the death of an old friend (Gerald McRaney). Through a lawyer, he asks them to come to his house and scatter his ashes. She's unhappily married; he;s just cheated death after an explosion on an oli rig. You get the feeling something just might start up between them again. Like the artificially sweetened junk food it is, this all goes down pretty easily. Also Queensgate and Reading Porirua.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    INTERSTELLAR (35mm print) Nov 06 Paramount
    FINDING VIVIAN MAIER Nov 06 Paramount
    SERENA Nov 06 Paramount
    MY OLD LADY Nov 13 Penthouse
    Nov 20 Readings
    LIFE OF CRIME Nov 20 Paramount
    JIMMY'S HALL Nov 20 Lighthouse
    JOHN WICK Nov 27 Readings
    NIGHTCRAWLER Nov 27 Readings
    ELSA AND FRED Nov 27 Lighthouse
    THE DROP Nov 27 Lighthouse


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